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  • Endrawati Cancer Centre
  • Endrawati Cancer Centre
  • Endrawati Cancer Centre
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Cancer Centre Services

Endrawati Cancer Centre or ECC is one of the excellent services in Prima Medika Hospital. This service is ready to help you through every stages of treatment with patients safety as priority.

The Oncology team composed of various disciplines and competencies, ready to provide services with the same goal of quality cancer treatment as personally with a touch of warmth for every patient.

Being a part of Prima Medika Hospital that has 16 years could consolidate the steps of Endrawati Cancer Centre to be able to provide the best Cancer Centre Service in Bali.

The Oncology Team of Endrawati Cancer Centre:

1. Surgical Oncology

2. Hemato Oncology

3. Hemato Oncology Pediatrician

4. Oncology Gynecology

5. ENT Oncology

6. Surgical Digestive

7. Psychiatrist Oncology

8. Anesthesiologist

9. Nurse Oncologist



a. Screening: Mammography, USG.

b. Rontgen.

c. CT-Scan.

d. Laboratory.

e. Endoscopy.

f. Pathological Anatomy.


a. Surgery.

b. Inpatient and Outpatient Chemotherapy.

c. Palliative Care


a. Education / consultation class.

b. Support Group Gathering.

c. Group Education (Cancer Talk)

d. Operator Cancer Service (Hotline Service)


1. Indonesia Cancer Foundation (Yayasan Kanker Indonesia)

2. Bali Pink Ribbon Foundation (Yayasan Pita Merah Muda Bali)

3. Komunitas Mahasiswa Peduli Kanker Fakultas Kedokteran Universitas Udayana (KOMPAK)

4. Yayasan Peduli Anak Kanker (YPAK)

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